Monday, March 3, 2014

Pitivi - The Free and Open Source Video Editor

A very promising project from a team of young and passionate contributors.

Pitivi is a free and open source video editor based on GStreamer, something like Adobe Premiere in the looks and features but exactly opposite in terms of platform support and cost. Adobe's Premiere costs a small fortune and does not work on Linux, just like almost all products of Adobe, whereas Pitivi is free, open source and works on Linux with available packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, openSUSE and Fedora.

Official web site:
A tour and showcase of features

Currently, they have launched a fundraiser campaign
as of 3 March 2014 the fundraiser's stats are:
11,772 € raised, 378 backers out of the goal of 35,000 € for Pitivi version 1.0.

Depending on the amount you donate, you can get your name on the project's web site, in the About Dialog, a sponsored commit and many more goodies!

We should all support projects such as these. By supporting the creation of a great video editing tool, the Linux Platform will become even easier to switch to, from another O/S.

For Fedora Installation, simply $sudo yum install pitivi
current Fedora 19 (64 bit KDE) version 0.15.2-3.

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